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Food, drink & vision

dishes at kew

Our vision

Freshly caught Shetland oysters. Speciality pancetta from Cobble Lane. Devilishly decadent confit leek and truffle sandwiches. Whether it’s a restaurant at The Royal Opera House or at a botanical garden, we love thrilling people with our food.

Let’s not forget the drinks. We’re just as obsessive about brewing a turbo-charged morning cortado or choosing a wine that pairs delightfully with Forman & Son’s smoked salmon as we are about our innovative food menus.

Dishes at ROH

All venues are unique, so is our food and drink. We create innovative concepts and experiences

It’s not just about catering. It’s never just a café, restaurant or bar. It’s about memories and moments. We create concepts for catering outlets that connect with the venue’s visitors and that blend in perfectly with the identity of the space. 

All of it is overseen by our visionary Food Director, Jeremy Ford, and his team of extraordinary chefs and bakers.

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